India Schwarzbier

India Schwarzbier- Schwartzbier (translation: "dark beer") is a classic German-style dark lager with a clean, malty quaff that, despite their inky black color, are much lighter bodied than similarly dark beers like porters and stouts. Beer Advocate calls them "refreshing and soul lifting" and we absolutely agree. They're hearty enough to warm you up during winter but light enough to throw a few back at your favorite bar or while curled up in front of the fireplace at home. These beers get their bitterness not through heavily roasted malt but from hops and we've taken it a step further to create a bit of a hybrid: the India Schwartzbier. We think the toasty dark caramel and light molasses flavors balances out wonderfully with some big bright handfuls of Motueka, Citra, Falconer's Flight and Summit hops. Dark and bright at the same time?

ABV: 6.2%

IBU: 55

Recommended PTR range-

1/2 BBL: $210.00 to $230.00

1/6 BBL: $90.00 to $110.00

12/375mL Bottles: $70.00 to $85.00

Please contact your wholesaler directly for your actual pricing.